Welcome to inside HIV – the podcast for positive people.

People living with HIV in Australia are emerging from a decade of silence.

There is a new generation of voices willing to speak up, take a stand against stigma and empower others in their communities to live life to the full.  By doing so, they honour the 40 million lives lost to AIDS.

They are men and women, gay and straight, young and old, locals and people from abroad.

Emerging technologies, gender and social inequities and the insidious nature of stigma, complicate navigating this new paradigm.

inside HIV draws on the lived experience of positive people, the talents and resources of Australia’s leading HIV organisations and the latest information researched from around the globe, presented and conveniently packaged as a podcast.

Each week, a new episode created for and by positive people will inform and empower, connect community and profile leadership, build resilience and promote positive ways to live fully.

inside HIV the podcast for positive people – is a valuable resource which can be revisited, shared or kept for referring to later.

photo by: Dean Beck

photo by: Dean Beck