HIV in Australia. Then and now.


Season 1 – Episode 1

Emerging from Australia’s Decade Of Silence, is a new generation of people living with HIV who refuse to play the victim.

They are empowering others to be strong, resilient and come out from shadows of stigma and discrimination.

Along the way they are creating new pathways, forming new alliances and forging initiatives that support the positive community.

Could we be witnessing the dawn of a new era?

Coming soon.


It’s the podcast for positive people and it is coming soon.

inside HIV is your weekly connection to others just like you.

Each week, inside HIV is discreetly delivered to your computer, smart phone or tablet via your favourite podcasting app, like iTunes.

You’ll hear how resilience triumphs even the greatest of challenges.  We’ll delve into latest medical and scientific developments.  And together we’ll discover ways to well-being and ways for being well.

inside HIV aims to inspire, uplift, empower resilience and ultimately, encourage you to flourish.

For positive people by positive people, inside HIV – the podcast for positive people.