Sero Stories with Ian Down

Ian Down Sero Study

Ian Down from The Kirby Institute – UNSW

When it comes to knowing who, what where, how and why gay men in Australia become HIV positive, very few people know more than Ian Down.

Ian is a research associate behind the Sero Conversion Study Report, conducted by the Kirby Institute at the UNSW in Sydney.

The Seroconversion Study has existed in various forms since 1992, providing valuable insights into the lives of people recently diagnosed HIV-positive. It has charted the sexual behaviours, activities, relationships and attitudes of (mostly) gay men, as they come to terms with the reality of living with HIV.

Over the decades, it is this report that has informed policy-makers, guided health communicators and provide information to aid the development of targeted responses to those living with, affected by HIV.

inside HIV’s Dean Beck was asked to write a preface in this, the latest – and the last – sero conversion report.  A pdf of the report can be found here.

With TasP and PrEP transforming Australia’s HIV response, the Government’s decision to no longer fund this stud is difficult to comprehend.

Funding submissions to continue the sero conversion study have twice been refused by Government.

However, last December the Kirby Institute lodged a third submission to Government for funding. A decision is expected by the middle of 2017.

Ian Down will submit his PhD thesis this week.  We wish him all the very best.

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