LIVE From ASHM 2017 – HIV Cure

Currently, there is a lot of chatter about HIV Cure.  What role do HIV positive people play in the research for a cure?  Are there different types of Cures? Why would I want to participate in cure research? Realistically, how far away is a cure for HIV?

These questions and so much more were discussed during the 2017 ASHM Conference in Canberra.

In this podcast, recorded live on 7 November 2017, Professor Sharon Lewin from the Doherty Institute in Melbourne, discusses some of the challenges that researchers face in their search for an HIV cure.  Also on the discussion panel are, Cipri Martinez, President of NAPWHA, Dr Rowena Johnston, Vice President of amfAR and Dr Robert Page, an S100 GP from Sydney.  Moderating this discussion is Heath Paynter from the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations.

Find out more about HIV Cure research.

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