Meet Marianne. A World Champion.

MarianneIn this episode we meet Marianne, one of the first women in Australia diagnosed HIV positive.

Her remarkable story of resilience, strength and determination, at a time when science and medicine offered little hope, should inspire all.  Turning to alternative therapies, Marianne maintained her health, wellbeing and sanity through good nutrition, diet and exercise. Those exercises would ultimately lead to her to becoming a competitive body builder.

She is courageous, an inspiration, a fighter and a World Champion.

ASHM Conference Report – Part 2

Launching At ASHMThis episode is part 2 of our report from the Australasian HIV Medical Conference – ASHM 2016.  If you missed part 1, you can check it out here or download it from itunes.

On the AFAO community stage, a special symposium featured many of the most exciting developments happening, for positive people.

Launching Australia’s first national campaign specifically designed to improve the lives of positive people was Aaron Cogle, CEO of the National Association of People with HIV Australia (NAPWHA).  Aaron explains the evolution of the Good Quality Of Life campaign.

NAPWHA also played a part in the development of a world first.  MyLife+ is a smart phone app that helps positive people manage their health and wellbeing.

Oonagh Rocks, Community Affairs Manager at ViiV Healthcare discusses the development of the app, before introducing Bill Patterson, NAPWHA’s Operations Manager. Bill highlights the importance of integrating the lived experience of positive people, regardless of how technologically advanced the MyLife+ app is.

This symposium was where and this podcast series for positive people, launched. Caleb Hawk, the Communications Coordinator of the Victorian AIDS Council, provides some background before Dean Beck officially launches the project.

We also discover the difficulty Doctors have in defining the relationships of men who have sex with men (MSM).  Dr Vincent Cornelisse from Melbourne Sexual Health Centre reveals some fascinating insights from his research.

MyLife craig

Dealing with a positive diagnosis

Dealing with a diagnosisNic Holas and Ruan Uys are two young guys who decided very early on, that going on treatment and connecting to other HIV positive people, was going to help them manage their health and wellbeing.

Both went on to create community organisations that provide peer support and deliver a tangible sense of belonging for others.

Find out more about TIM (The Institute Of Many).

Find out more about the HIVsters.

Plus, we see how John is doing two weeks after being diagnosed HIV positive.

Diagnosed HIV Positive

Diagnosed HIV PositiveBeing told you are HIV positive totally sucks – but things have changed dramatically and a positive diagnosis today means you’ll be OK if you look after yourself.

Over the next two episodes of insideHIV we’ll explore the stories of people who have received an HIV positive diagnosis within the last 5 years.

Campbell is a young, inspirational man who came up with the [+U] disclosure symbol used by many guys on dating sites like Grindr and Scruff.

And we meet John who received his positive diagnosis just a few days ago.

If you have recently been diagnosed HIV positive and need some help, click on these links for resources nearest to you. VICTORIANEW SOUTH WALES.  QUEENSLAND.  SOUTH AUSTRALIANATIONAL INFO

HIV in Australia. Then and now.


Season 1 – Episode 1

Emerging from Australia’s Decade Of Silence, is a new generation of people living with HIV who refuse to play the victim.

They are empowering others to be strong, resilient and come out from shadows of stigma and discrimination.

Along the way they are creating new pathways, forming new alliances and forging initiatives that support the positive community.

Could we be witnessing the dawn of a new era?

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