Christabel Millar

The English Rose

Christabel MillarImagine arriving in a new country at 21 years of age, no friends, little family, dealing with a mental health condition and then being told you are HIV positive. Our guest found herself in that position over 8 years ago.

Today she is the youngest women to ever be on the board of directors for Living Positive Victoria and was recently appointed the Health Promotions and Communications Coordinator for Positive Women.

She is one of the new breed of inspirational voices in Australia’s HIV response. Softly spoken, super smart and gentle to the core, she is elegant, polite and proper. But don’t be fooled, she is no push over.

Meet the English rose whose softness is the foundation of her resilience and determination, meet the amazing Christabel Millar.

To contact Christabel at Positive Women email:  healthpromotion at positivewomen dot org dot au